Alarm! Alarm! Ten percent of Belgians drink alcohol every day. This figure is remarkably higher than in other European countries. On weekdays, a Belgian drinks an average of 27 grams of alcohol, which corresponds to three pints. This is higher at the weekend and a Belgian drinks 41 grams of alcohol, which is good for four and a half pints. You could therefore say that alcohol is an integral part of the Belgian routine. But is that really healthy?

Healthier lifestyle

Addiction to alcohol is often grossly underestimated. Compared to tobacco addiction, alcohol addiction does affect your behavior, as alcohol affects your brain. Alcohol is also harmful to your heart. Besides the effect on your heart and brain, there is also quite a bit of sugar in alcohol. A glass of wine easily contains about 7.5 grams of sugar, which is comparable to one and a half teaspoons. Enough with these frightening facts. The good news is that there is something you can do, namely stop or cut back on your alcohol consumption. Now this is not a plea for an alcohol free life, but if Jack can encourage people to pick up a healthier lifestyle, he's happy to do it!

Alcohol-free living

Not only Jack tries to inspire people, Evi Heyndrickx also does this with her podcast 'Alcohol Alarm'. Evi tries to pass on her own story, as well as tips and tricks for an alcohol-free life, in an accessible way. She talks about her search for a sober life and wants to take alcoholism out of the taboo. Meanwhile, the podcast is on season two. Each episode Evi also invites a guest, these can be BV's and experts. They always share their own experiences and expertise. Oh yes, not to forget: Evi always lets her guests taste our delicious Ginger Jack. Because indeed Ginger Jack is a great alternative to alcohol. Our ginger juice is stronger than tequila for a reason. Curious about tasty Ginger Jack recipes? Then check out our recipe book .

Are you inspired by Evi and den Jack, just like us? Via this link can you follow Evi's road to a sober life. There is also a Facebook group for fellow sufferers and also on Eve's Instagram there is a lot of inspiration to be found. Are you curious about more delicious ginger news? Then you've come to the right place. We will regularly blog about the latest ginger bits and pieces. Sometimes healthier than other times, because as Jack would say: 'Healthy must be fun, should be fun!'.

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