Evy Gruyaert: Start to feel great

Evy Gruyaert: Start to feel great

Feeling good sounds very simple, but for many it is not at all the case. With this approach, Evy Gruyaert wrote a new book 'Start to feel great'. Evy urges readers to put on rose-colored glasses more often. Mental health is therefore a priority in this new book. Evy and her experts put forward a clear step-by-step plan with the aim of finding yourself again. The best advice in the field of nutrition, body, mind, exercise and sleep is revealed. Drinking Ginger Jack is therefore put forward in her book as a health tip. Of course!

Ginger has many healthy benefits. It contains fiber and various vitamins and minerals that protect your body against inflammation. It helps against nausea and menstrual cramps and promotes the absorption of nutrients while helping to regulate your insulin levels. Ginger also boosts your immune system and reduces stomach complaints. Ginger is also a natural pain reliever and it keeps your sinuses clear. Another fun fact: ginger increases your libido, so it also gets hot between the sheets.

As is already known, Ginger Jack contains no less than 48% of that healthy ginger. Furthermore, our ginger drink is known to be very low in (cane) sugar. This allows you to drink Ginger Jack pure as a morning shot or throughout the day as a booster. Our ginger drink is not only very tasty on its own, you can also dilute it with (sparkling) water, mix it in your tea... The options are endless and always healthy!

Since we, like Evy, are convinced of the health benefits of our Ginger Jack, we wanted to pamper our loyal Ginger Jackeroo's. Under the motto ' Health must be fun, should be fun' we organized a giveaway on our social media. One lucky person (plus friend) was drawn and allowed to go to Evy's book presentation. Of course, the winner also received a dose of our liquid gold as a gift. In addition, we also wanted to spoil the other participants because they choose a healthy lifestyle. They also received an extra present in their mailbox.

Are you a health guru just like our Jack, but do you want to keep it fun? Then you are at the right place. Follow our health story here, on Instagram and Facebook and discover fun Ginger Jack recipes, tips and tricks. Cause it's time to feel great!

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